who killed john oneill (video)

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It looks like this was made in 2004, but I've never seen it before. Ty Rauber made it and it has one actor playing all the parts -a conspiracy theorist, a paranoid "they're after us" type, an OCTer, a philospher and they are all discussing 911.

He ties Kroll, CIA, AIG together, speculated that Kroll is a sort of privatized CIA, running on drug money but able to do what the CIA can't because they aren't allowed. Some of this relates to the Hopsicker story. Why are these Kroll types anti terrorism experts; where do they get the information?

Then they show how people move between these corporations and CIA . Doesn't spend a lot of time on the hows and why's of the actual day, more about drugs insurance companies/CIA and the piece de resistance -what Al Qaeda really is and what Mohammed Atta's function was, his opinion will make a lot of sense as to Atta's behavior.

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