Cryonics and Bionics as Primitive Weapons in the War on Time

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The war on time, utilizing the crude weaponry of bionics and cryonics that we have outlined herein, will doubtlessly continue if the generation of malchronetic desires within human hearts persists unabated. Thus the war on time cannot be won until the war on the self is concluded, and malchronetic longing consequently stanched. Then, perhaps, ineffectual wish-fulfillment schemes and primitive attempts at time-travel will cease to be attractive to humankind. Although Nietzsche posits that malchronetic desire, expressed as the will to power, is everywhere, it is also true that the final phase of Nietzsche’s project of liberation involves overcoming the will to power. Nietzsche’s position is, in the end, a post-malcronetic philosophy content with its temporal lot. This is not to say that complacency in the face of experienced malchronia is a justifiable response; this would be like ignoring the symptoms of a disease, discarding valuable phenomenological information without proper warrant. Yet, even if advanced and reliable methods of time travel do become available, the malchronetic agent must still learn to live with herself, amongst others. This, perhaps, is a prerequisite for more sophisticated modes of self-transcendence. 

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