Occult and scientific aspects of Sound, Light and Geometry

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In the Beginning...

In different spiritual traditions and cultures on this planet, our connection to the Source is being accomplished by using sound. Ancient seers, mystics and psychics have talked about the Kosmic Sound (being “The Light”), AUM, the Word, Logos, Soundless Sound and Music.

All sacred knowledge and mystical exercises are based on the knowledge of the word and sound. In shamanic rituals it is almost unthinkable to be able to reach the spiritual world without using sound. In all spiritual traditions we can find knowledge about the power of sound, vowels and the word. In one of the oldest esoteric teachings, the Upanishads, it is said that Sound is your essence.

In this paper, i would like to show that sound really is your essence, and that there are important relations between sound and music, (scalar) electromagnetics, form and even consciousness itself. We live in a vibrational universe, but also in a harmonic and even musical universe, as evidence shows being true for the macrokosmos as well as for the microkosmos. It seems “new” scientific discoveries are reflecting important esoteric knowledge off all ages. The Ancients knew it all along, and science is now rediscovering that they might have been right all along.

Sounding Atoms

In her book ‘The secret doctrine’, Blavatsky (1831-1891) talks about a fundamental law in the Occult: in Nature there is no rest or silence. “What might seem like rest, is only the transition from one form to another; the change of substance going hand with hand with that of form. Knowledge of this law, helps to use Siddhis or supernatural powers and can also help in disintegrating matter or moving object from one place to another”.

“Atoms are called “Vibrations” in occultism, also “Sound” –collectively. The waves and undulations of Science are all produced by atoms propelling their molecules into action from within. Atoms fill the imensity of space, and their continuous vibration are that MOTION which keeps the wheels of life perpetually going. It is that inner work that produces the natural phenomena called the correlation of Forces. Only, at the origin of every such “force”, there stands an the conscious guiding noumenon thereof-Angel or God, Spirit or Demon-ruling powers, yet the same”. The Ancients associated sound or Speech with the Ether of Space (or Akasha, or Zero Point Field or Quantum Field, as we now might call it), of which Sound is the characteristic.

Sympathetic vibrations; John Worrell Keely

More than a century ago John Keely worked out a science he called “Sympathetic Vibration”, in which he used musical notes and chords. In his machines he used, for instance, a vibrating bow which was being held above a tuning fork. When he did this, the tuning fork turned out to be able to act as a generator of invisible but incredibly powerfull force, and that force was able to move around large objects which normally couldn,t be moved, so the force actually produced levitation.

Besides levitation, Keely was able to produce disintegration and antigravity phenomena with the use of sound. He also experimented with free energy motors, which were running by means of vibrations!

Theo Paijmans (in his book ‘Free energy pioneer: John Worrell Keely, 2004) but also Dr Horowitz (in his fascinating book ‘DNA; pirates of the sacred spiral, 2004) both point to the fact that Keely considered the vibration ratios of the thirds, sixths and the ninths as extremely powerfull. These ratios are also important clues in Rodin,s math, in Muller’s Lifewave math and in astrophysics, as it now seems. “Physical manifestation or materialization specifically occurs only at certain node points, reflecting the 3-6-9 matrix of forth dimensional (i.e., spiritual) mathematics”, Horowitz states in his book ‘Walk on water’ (2006). In his earlier writings, Horowitz allready expressed these were the numbers you would get by summing the six frequencies of the Ancient Solfeggio, the original frequencies of Creation.

Keely proved, that the “antagonistic thirds vibrations” were “thousand times more effective” to seperate hydrogen and oxygen in water, as was the case with heat! In his Formula of Water Disintegration, Keely described that what he found in all molecular divisions and disintegration (in simple as well as in combined elements, in gaslike and in solid matter), was that the offering of a stream of antagonistic vibrations in the form of thirds, sixths and ninths, forced matter to divide itself progressively. Herein lies the hidden power of Sympathetic Vibration as developed by Keely. A concordant waveform, composed of harmonic frequencies, tends to pull subatomic particles together. On the other hand discordant waveforms will tend to split or explode the particle or aggregate. In Keely’s words: “The rhythmic relations in which force acts are everywhere, under all conditions, and at all times, the same. They are found experimentally to be universally expressible by the mathematical relations of “Thirds”.

Keely worked, without succes, on the theory that polar and depolar current actions were circular. He found success when he found and proved that these forces act with a spiro-vortex motion! Since we can now see that spirals are governed by Sixths (inversion thirds, according to musical theory) we begin to get an idea about this “Triune Polar Flow”. We can now begin to understand why the Ancients could do things eluded to by so many unexplained monuments, etc, and we haven,t been able to duplicate their feats. They did it with simple whole numbers, which can be calculated on the fingers, whereas we can,t with our high-powerd computers trying to work with irrational unworkable numbers. As Inversion has so long maintained, we can skip all the heavilly unworkable math when we work with whole numbers. This also helps us grasp why Keely was able to do so much with so little one hundred years ago. Around the turn of the century scientists were looking for a harmonic relationship, but Keely expressed that it was important to look for a musical relationship. Pythagoras stated the lower the numbers in the relationship, the greater the harmony between the two frequencies. According to Keely, this translates into greater bonding force or denser material aggregation. The opposite applies to greater number relations (like 1:1 being the Unison versus the 13:8 being the Major Sixth, for instance). Keely recognized the relative pitches between atoms and states that this is just as important as the spectra (vibrational frequency) of the atoms themselves. After all- what value has a frequency when it is not relative to another frequency? Not much and probably no value whatsoever. When the two relative frequencies are brought together we have music intervals, modulation and demodulation of each other and the whole host of phenomena associated with such merging of vibratory influences”.

Occult knowledge and the echo of scientific discoveries

If we compare ancient and occult knowledge with our new scientific discoveries, it very much looks like that these “new” sciences are having discoveries that ancient civilisations and spiritual traditions allready knew and used spiritually and in their daily lives. A few interesting points can be made if we compare this knowledge with new findings from quantum mechanics, bio-energetics, psycho-energetics, elektrogenetics, bio-holographic studies, biofoton research, research into acoustical and elektromagnetic influence from and on DNA, bio-geometry, structured water studies, digital biology studies from Benveniste and his team, scalar elektromagnetics studies (Bearden), zeropoint energy (Akasha) studies and crop circle research.

First it seems to me that the old Aether theory is coming back through the backdoor ,which is shown by a renewed interest in zero point studies, non-lokality research and the unified ‘Akasha’ field literature coming from authors like Ervin Laszlo, for instance. Vortex action and spin are very important concepts, but it is also very important to realize that the Ancients allready recognized these as the vibrating movements of atoms and spheres.

Secondly, authors like Tom Bearden (in his book ‘Energy from the vacuum’), Lynne McTaggart (in her book ‘The Field’) and Dubro & Lapierre (in their book ‘Elegant empowerment: evolution of consciousness, 2002) clearly show that there remains much more to say about the currently accepted theory of electromagnetism (for instance; we should still regard electricity and magnetism as effects instead of causal forces, and a force can only exists in interaction with matter). These insights into so called ‘scalar electromagnetics’ and scalar waves could have far reaching consequences .........

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