Nieuwe Irak Ambassadeur: US Marine heeft 'doelbewust' neef vermoord. (CNN Video)

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BLITZER, CNN: So what you're suggesting, your cousin was killed in cold blood, is that what you're saying, by United States Marines?

AL-SUMAIDAIE: I believe he was killed intentionally. I believe that he was killed unnecessarily. And unfortunately, the investigations that took place after that sort of took a different course and concluded that there was no unlawful killing.

I would like further investigation. I have, in fact, asked for the report of the last investigation, which was a criminal investigation, by the way.

General Casey is aware of all the details, because he's kept on top of it. And it was he who rejected the conclusions of the first investigation. I have since asked formally for the report, but it's been nearly two months and I have not received it.

AL-SUMAIDAIE: Ultimately, possibly yes. But in situations like this, the ramifications are so profound that they -- they would initially take the attitude that they hope this would go away. If it can be swept under the rug, it would. But when -- when it goes up higher in the hierarchy, then there are people who recognize the potential damage of cover-up, and there is a better possibility of it being opened up....

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