Electron Interference

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In de kwantumwereld gedraagt zelfs een puntdeeltje zich als een golf die zichzelf kan verstoren, breken en op bepaalde plaatsen bundelen.

We've seen what happens when we shine light through two slits, or when water waves do something similar. But what do you think happens when solid objects go through the slits? I don't get it. What do you mean by solid objects? Like rocks? Solid things don't travel in waves, do they?

Let's forget about waves for a second and just keep it simple. Dr. Feynman liked to talk about shooting a machine gun at an iron plate with two slots in it. If there were a concrete wall behind the iron plate, what kind of pattern do you think the bullets would make?

Well, I would think bullets would just pile up behind the two slots. I guess they would bounce off the edges of the holes a little bit, so it wouldn't be real neat, but mostly they would just be in two areas........

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