Stephenville UFO witness claims harassment by military

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Sunday, February 3, 2008 3:11 PM CST

Ricky Sorrells is frustrated and a little angry.

Since his interview with the Associated Press, Sorrells has stayed quiet regarding the daytime UFO sightings on his property near Dublin.

And, there is more than one reason for his silence.

Sorrells believes military officials have been harassing him by flying military aircraft over his property at low altitudes, at all hours of the day and night. Sorrells runs livestock on his place and said the cattle don't react well to the disturbances. It's also been hard to get any sleep.

Sorrells made international news along with other witnesses on Jan. 14 after the Associated Press contacted him for his story and took video of the exact spot the UFO was seen along with Sorrells' description of the object.

Not just once, but four times, he claims to have seen the massive flying object he estimates to be the length of "three or four football fields." He said he's not sure about the size because the first time he saw it was the best view. At that time, the craft hovered directly over him in the woods about 300 feet above his head and his view was blocked by tree branches.

"I don't know why it keeps coming back here," Sorrells said.

He's convinced that someone representing himself as a Lt. Colonel knows what it is - and Sorrells wants an explanation.

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