Keith Olbermann exposes false claims in State of the Union (video)

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By Daan de Wit.

In an excellent story Keith Olbermann exposes the four claims president Bush made in his State of the Union address regarding foiled Al Qaeda plots. Each of the plots mentioned were non exsistent, yet were presented as truths by Bush. By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Do War is the motto of the Israeli spy agency Mossad, but it might as well be the motto of the Bush government.

The deceptions keep on coming, despite researchers like Olbermann exposing them for what they are. Through the powers of authority and of mass media these deceptions are painted over as truths dividing people on a horizontal level: terrorists against peace loving citizens, left against right, etc. But is the real struggle not vertical? I think it is - them against us, peace loving citizens who are opposed by the elite that govern them. The majority of people don't want war, they want to provide for their families, live in peace and recognize themselves in each other. Their focus is simply to making a living; but the governing elite and has different interests, it has to manage the the powers given to them.
It is always the governing elite that by deception needs to persuade the people into starting wars already planned. As soon as 'the people' discover - through researchers like Olbermann - that they should focus on the vertical struggle and not on the horizontal, things can start to change for the better. There is an enormous human and material potential which is now being wasted on wars and paralyzed by fear that could otherwise be liberated and put to good use. This could redistribute the great wealth there is in this world, which is now largely wasted and rendered ineffective because it is out of balance.

We the people should no longer give away that which is ours in elections in which we can only choose between one elitist or another. We should also check to see that if we decide to vote, our votes actually reach the candidate of our choosing. Then we should check, like Olbermann, if the inevitable fear mongering that follows is based in fact. We should also check to see if the enemy as it is presented to us is really the enemy: did Bin Laden actually bypass U.S. defenses on 9/11, were the London bombings actually carried out by ruthless terrorists, was America caught unaware when Pearl Harbor happened and was the U.S. actually attacked in the Tonkin Gulf?

Olbermann exposes four claims made by Bush as being false. Read more on the fourth case in this article from the BBC: 'UK 'plot' terror charge dropped' DeepJournal: Drop the No Liquid nonsense on airports.

Watch the video or read the trancript:

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