Tribute to Peter R de Vries, advocate for the Unheard

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''On bended knee it's no way to be free''
[Slogan of Peter R de Vries] [1]
[At the 15th july 2021 crime reporter Peter R de Vries died, after been
shot in the streets of Amsterdam on 6th july. [2]
I honor him, because he was far more than just a crime reporter and an investigator of criminal cold cases, but also a defender of the rights of 
unheard, like refugees and minorities.
Therefore my hommage
May he rest in peace]
Peter R de Vries, the fearless crimefighter and advocate for the rights 
of the unheard, reminds me of a fictional character of one
of my favourite films ''Legends of the Fall'' [3], colonel William Ludlow, who
moves his family to a ranch in Montana out of indignation and dissatisfaction
with the treatment of the American government against the native Americans 
. [4]
In my terms:
He fled for aggressive racist white Supremacy''
In his terms:,
''Losing the madness'' [5]
By the way:
A must see film for you, readers! [6]
Fearless and lovers of justice they both shared, fictional Colonel
Ludlow and crimefighter Peter R de Vries
The one retreated [as was the best thing he could do in
pre WO I White supremacist America] and founded his Paradise
in Montana, the other fought [as was the best thing to do in
nowadays the Netherlands]
So like Colonel Ludlow, Peter R de Vries was fearless and obsessed 
with justice, investigating cold cases [7] and what says more:
Achieving great results! [8]
Fearless he was, his motto was:
''On bended knee it's no way to be free'' [9]
He was also tenacious, never gave up. [10]
I don't have to mention all his successes;
Look at his Wikipedia! [11]
His last effort was his assistence of the crown witness, Nabil B [12]
in the Marengo process, the greatest drug trial in the history of the Netherlands [13]
Perhaps that involvement costed him his life, as the Public Prosecuter's Office
thinks is ''more likely'' [but nothing is sure, yet, all options
are still open] [14]
Although I admired Peter R de Vries for his great involvement in solving
cold cases and his support for the families of the victims [15], that's not
the first reason I write this tribute to him.
My reason is, that he was not only a dedicated crime fighter, but also
an advocate of the rights of the unheard and victims of stogmatization
and discrimination.
Peter R de Vries was a fervent opponent of fascist PVV leader G Wilders [17]
In his diary, he wrote ''Ik vind Geert W. zelf een gevaarlijk man, een demagoog met de potentie

van een volksmenner.'' [Translated in English: I think Geert W is a dangerous man, a demagogue with the potention of a people's agitator'' [18]

For his contribution to the fight against racism and Islamophobia
I sent Peter R de Vries an appreciation-mail [19]
The price he paid for his Wilders criticism was a great number of
hatemails [20]
I wonder how many of those people, who
lay flowers at the place he was shot [21], were among those haters......
But Peter R de Vries did more:
In a time and on a moment, that there was much resistance
against the coming of Syrian refugees to the Netherlands, who had
fled the war in Syria [22], Peter R de Vries stood firm for the refugee rights, he wrote this statement:
''Respect and admiration for the refugees! [23]
I quote from this statement among else:
''Sometimes it seems that in public debate about the refugees it is no longer about people, but only about numbers, percentages, quotas and files. Often the refugee issue is discussed in a detached and intolerant tone of voice; like asylum seekers and refugees are profiteers who are here to seek fortune''
''It has always amazed me how easily and lightly people condemn refugees about leaving their homeland; like it is a tempting challenge to build a new life in another country, with an incomprehensible language, different culture and a harsh climate. Like people just do that for fun…!''
''And that is why I would like to emphasize that I have the upmost respect and admiration for those who have abandoned their homes in desperation for doom and disaster and are trying, with great difficulty, to build up a new life in a foreign country.

In my opinion they should never have to hide or be ashamed; they can be proud, with their heads held high, because what they have achieved, what they have defied and what they have sacrificed more than most of us would dare or could bear. That is something we should be more aware off…'' [24]

True and impressive words and again I sent him a appreciation-mail! [25]
But apart from writing, Peter R de Vries came in action!
He helped a group of ''General Pardonners'', who were allowed
to remain in the Netherlands, but yet didn't become a passport,
which made them ''stateless''
By his effort [and of course from others] [26], State Secretary Ankie Broekers-Knol of Asylum Affairs made it possible that ten thousand so-called general pardonners can still get a passport. [27]
One of the ten thousand stateless General Pardonners,Yosef Tekeste-Yemane, [who turned to de Vries about this humanitarian question] remarked:
[comment after the shooting of Peter R de Vries]:
"I hope he will still get what he has achieved." [28]
He also remarked:
''"He saw the injustice and got caught up in it, he was determined to help us and hoped the media would warm to this." [29]
And it worked!
In his own  way, Peter R de Vries made a great contribution in
the fight against injustice..
Not only because of the fearless and tenacious way, he fought as a 
crime reporter [30], but for what he did for refugees.
In the fight against racism, prejudices and Islamophobia.
Therefore for me, he is a great man.
I will not forget him!
May he rest in peace.
Astrid Essed
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