Extraterrestrial presence in higher dimensions overlapping our physical Universe

woensdag 22 maart 2006 14:37 | Jeans | 4215 keer bekeken | 0 reacties | 0 x aanbevolen

Scientists are finding evidence of extraterrestrial presence in higher dimensions all around us even overlapping our immediate environment overlapping the Physical Universe.

According to some physicists, our soul exists in the higher dimensions and interacts with extraterrestrial entities all around us. The physical universe and our presence in the same is just an illusion. It is almost like going to a movie. The movie is being played in the physical universe. Our real existence is in the higher dimensions. In the movie you tend to forget everything except the movie shown in a 2-dimensionsal screen. Your existence however exists in the higher dimensions and you come back to your own world when the movie ends. The lingering memory of the movie depends on how intense the theme was.