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Don't Worry, Be Happy



Don't Worry, Be Happy

When I was young and in my teens
I dreamt of things to be
The day I got behind the wheel
Would set my spirit free.

I knew the day would surely come
I'd hold that sweet diploma
So full of dreams and youthful schemes
The smell of sweet aroma.

Thoughts of college filled my head
Excited, could not wait
Surely, I would find myself
And come to know my fate.

With my degree, I had it made
My life was looking up
Into the working world I went
A time to fill my cup.

With wedded bliss, the one I loved
This was my bag of tea
A lovely home, a tiny child
So much was yet to be.

The ladder of success, I'd climbed
I'd reached my goal in life
With no time left for anything
My life was filled with strife.

Now middle aged, my parents gone
The aches and pains set in
The children grown and on their own
I felt a grief within.

The golden years were closing in
Retirement was to come
I'd waited all those years for this
Old age had now begun.

Wise and gray, I think about
Those years so long ago
And how I'd hoped for them to pass
A better life to show.

But through it all, I missed the boat
Be happy where you are
For if you wish your life away
You'll miss the shining star.

Today is all that matters
A gift from God above
Unwrap the many treasures
And fill your hearts with love.

Whether nine or ninety-nine
It never is too late
To find the joy in living
To pray and meditate.

For fretting just brings sorrow
Today is full of spring
There's beauty in this hour
And joys that it will bring.

Forget your toils and troubles
Don't think about the past
Today is filled with sunshine
With blessings built to last.