Philosopher´s Stone

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In the 70 years David Hudson discovered a new state of matter. In this alchemy process searching the Philosopher´s Stone, Hudson wore out several thousands of dollars. At the end of the decade it was able to extract a material that exhibited a strange behavior. Hudson called to this material ORMES (as acronym for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements). Since some of these elements can be diatomics and Hudson has also patented these materials, we will refer to them with the name of ORMUS or M-state elements (m-state: located at micro cluster level). These elements are left force fields and they float magnetically.

Several people have reported the following goods of ORMUS that you should be easy to verify:

Less oxygen necessity, or oxygen increment in the blood.
-Pain reduction.
-Elasticity increment.
-Insomnia improvement.

Other people have felt similar experiences about Kundalini awakening. These goods include: Hear in the silence, chakra heart and throat feelings, psychic experiences and a kind of nectar secretion, from the palate veil.

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