Dutch Bandidos MC member in Thailand Hans Heinz Willem Arne de Graaf (55) asks the Thai King RAMA X

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Dutch Bandidos MC member in Thailand Hans Heinz Willem Arne de Graaf (55) asks the Thai King to return his property that was confiscated during a raid on January 6, 2009. 


Bandidos member De Graaf (R)                             Bandidos MC Pattaya former President (2nd R) de Graaf's Boss 

Pattaya - Police seize Dutchmans houses because of drugs 

Police seize property and cancel visa of Dutch Man caught up in class 2 drug case. 
On Thursday Morning we joined a group of Police Officers as they conducted a raid at a property located at the TW City Home 1 Village in Soi Kow Noi. 
The raid was led by Police Major General Aditaerp, the Deputy Commander of the Narcotics Suppression Bureau and included Police Colonel Supit, the Superintendant of the Narcotics Suppression Bureau Region1 and Police Colonel Anon-Nut, the Superintendant of Pattaya’s Immigration Officer. 
The Senior Officers were armed with court papers which empowered them to seize property owned by Mr. Hans Heinz Willem Arne De Graaf aged 44 from The Netherlands. 
He was arrested on 6th January 2009 by the Narcotics Police along with his wife, Khun Giraporn aged 38 and both are currently on Police Bail relating to the supply of class 2 drugs. 
The Immigration Police confirmed that they have cancelled Mr. De Graaf’s Marriage Visa and have issued him with a special crime visa which permits him to stay in Thailand while his court case is ongoing. 
Police suspect that 4 properties were purchased with proceeds from selling the class 2 drugs and therefore 2 houses and 2 condos have been seized from Mr. De Graaf until his can prove his innocence in Court. 
This case sends a strong message to other foreigners who involve themselves in criminal activities here in Thailand and the senior officers confirmed that this is one of a number of ongoing cases involving foreigners and illegal drugs. 

The House in Pattaya                     Presentation of the papers      De Graaf and his wife 

Pattaya One news 



Officially, the seizure took place on suspicion of profits from the trading of a 'Class II controlled substance'. According to the Thai Narcotics Act 1979 (B.E. 2522)" (Section 7, pg 3) opiates but also Cocaine are included. 



                De Graaf (1st L) and his brothers in crime, the Text behind them needs no further explanation!   

According to de Graaf, my lawyer and I have not heard from the police and/or justice after paying bail - there has been no trial and he has not been in jail and is therefore demanding his property and the money for the bail back if he does not get it back till the end of this month, there will be harsh actions against all those responsible for the Narcotics Suppression Bureau, the Narcotics Suppression Bureau and Pattaya's Immigration Officers. De Graaf went on to say that the Thai King's residence in Germany is also an easy target for the BMC.