American Meth is more than a movie, it's a movement. Narrated by Val Kilmer this documentary explores the devastation this drug is unleashing on America, and it looks at how it dismatles an American family.
Jaar: 2008
Genre: Documentary
Director: Justin Hunt
Writer: Justin Hunt
Actors: Val Kilmer, Justin Hunt, Jenna, Michael
Language: English
The Huggett family go to a holiday camp, and get involved in crooked card players, a murderer on the run, and a pregnant young girl and her boyfriend missing from home.
Jaar: 1947
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Director: Ken Annakin
Writer: Godfrey Winn, Muriel Box, Sydney Box
Actors: Flora Robson, Dennis Price, Jack Warner
Language: English
ADA FOR MAYOR (Alcaldessa) follows former activist Ada Colau for one year, from her time organizing the anti-eviction fight in Barcelona (Spain) to the day she is sworn-in as its first female mayor.
Jaar: 2016
Genre: Documentary
Director: Pau Faus
Writer: Ventura Durall, Pau Faus, Silvia González Laá
Actors: Ada Colau, Sergio Espín, Nikita Bashmakov
Language: Spanish, Catalan
After learning that her new husband touches her daughter inappropriately, Morgan's plans to leave him unwittingly turn into the fight of her life.
Jaar: 2022
Genre: Thriller
Director: Aleshia Cowser Jackson
Writer: Aleshia Cowser Jackson, Ivan Mbakop
Actors: April Parker Jones, Hassan Johnson, Erica Page
Language: English
As a screenwriter takes notes from Hollywood executives, her beautiful, diverse movie about a Black American woman traveling to Mexico slowly becomes a romantic comedy with an all-white cast. A quirky cerebral look into commercial...
Jaar: 2022
Genre: Comedy
Director: Jennifer Sharp
Writer: Jennifer Sharp
Actors: Mark Beltzman, Matt Beurois, Jose Casasús
Language: English, Spanish
A Shoshone veteran, a teenage powwow princess, and an Arapaho journalist discover their purpose on the Wind River Indian Reservation as they seek lost artifacts.
Jaar: 2016
Genre: Documentary, History, War
Director: Mat Hames
Writer: N/A
Actors: N/A
Language: English
Sara -a young refugee on the run- befriends a young lost dragon, and teams up with a nerd and do battle with school administrators, the police, and gangs of bullies as their attempt to return the dragon becomes the adventure of a ...
Jaar: 2020
Genre: Family, Fantasy
Director: Katarina Launing
Writer: Harald Rosenløw-Eeg, Lars Gudmestad
Actors: Isha Zainab Khan, Iver Aunbu Sandemose, Kyrre Haugen Sydness
Language: Norwegian
Four people from an Arab generation roaming over the ruins of ideologies, causes and virtues of their predecessors. It portrays their intellectual and emotional nonchalance about what is happening around them in their daily lives ...
Jaar: 2016
Genre: Drama
Director: Roy Dib
Writer: Roy Dib, Raafat Majzoub
Actors: Sandy Chamoun, Lara Chekerdjian, Julian Farhat
Language: Arabic
Ed Montenez is a Shadow Wolves Tracker and Border Patrol Agent hunting a lone Coyote who carries a mysterious package. Infused into the chase is a pair of rogue militiamen hell-bent on defending the border and a suspicious Federal...
Jaar: 2018
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Director: Nathan Hill
Writer: Nathan Hill
Actors: Marla Robison, Michael C. Alvarez, Aretha Perry Greene
Language: N/A
Jean-François, Ronald, Alexis, Cédric, Benoit and Maxim are gladiators of modern times. From the strongman to the top-class bodybuilder, to the veteran who has become a trainer, they all share the same definition and obsession wit...
Jaar: 2017
Genre: Documentary, Sport
Director: Denis Côté
Writer: Denis Côté
Actors: Alexandre Auger, Jean-François Bouchard, Cédric Doyon
Language: English, French