Blessing, The Art and The Pratice

Sunday 23 December 2007 16:07 | Angelique | 3363 keer bekeken | 0 reacties | 0 x aanbevolen
A definition of blessing.                                                                                                                                                                              is the first step in understanding the potential effect it can have on the evolution of a population.                                                                      For the purpose of the Blessing-Experiment, we will define a blessing in its purest state, as on acknowlegdment that we live in a perfect univers. It is an invitation we extend to our current perspective to be open to change, to be willing to see that perfection.                                               While a prayer is usually considered a petition to god asking for intervention, a blessing arises from that inner place of knowing that no intervention is necessary. God already created a perfect world and it is not the world, but only our vieuw point of it, that need be changed.          The world, and all inhabitans, already are and always will be perfect, whole and complete.                          verder lezen op
Bron: David Spangler